Safety is Priority One

At Thompson Driving, safety is priority one. That’s why we’ve developed a program to determine awareness and responsiveness in older drivers. We help families ensure they or their loved ones are retaining skills needed to drive safely and avoid the trauma and potential tragedy that can result from vehicle accidents.

Safety…Independence…Peace of Mind

Our goal is to help older drivers maintain their driving independence for as long as possible. However, when our comprehensive assessment indicates driving should be limited or restricted altogether in the interest of safety, we work with sensitivity and compassion to help drivers and families through that transition. In either case, our assessment can help create peace of mind for senior drivers and their loved ones.

Thompson Driving’s senior driving evaluation process is based on our decades of experience as well as guidelines from the Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists, recognized as the industry standard in driving safety.

The Evaluation.

The evaluation assesses skills within three levels: Basic, Moderate and Advanced.
Specific skills assessed in each level, include but are not necessarily limited to the following:


  • Ability to get in and out of vehicle
  • Engaging seat belt
  • Mirror adjustment
  • Starting the vehicle
  • Maneuvering from Park to Reverse to Drive
  • Proper signaling
  • Lane marking awareness
  • Reaction times


  • Driving skills in moderate traffic
  • Navigating through neighborhoods
  • Awareness and adherence to traffic signs and signals
  • Appropriate braking and acceleration
  • Crosswalk awareness
  • Navigating through intersections
  • Making turns and negotiating curves
  • Maintaining safe distance between vehicles
  • Managing hazards


  • Interstate driving
  • Awareness of speed
  • Awareness of blind spots
  • Passing
  • Navigating construction zones
  • Merging onto and exiting the highway
  • Maintaining lane position and changing lanes

Each evaluation includes a comprehensive assessment that includes recommendations regarding training and any driving limitations or restrictions that may be appropriate. In each case, Thompson Driving’s priorities are safety and sensitivity in serving each of our clients and their families so that they can experience peace of mind.

Insurance discounts may be available for those completing this evaluation process. Consult your insurance agent to inquire about specific discounts. 

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